Effingham Study Club

Beginning: September 2001
Frequency: 3rd Tuesday of Every Month through May 2002 excluding December and February
Next Meeting Date: October 16, 2001
Location: Howard Johnson 1606 W. Fayette Ave Effingham, Il

6:30 - 8:30 PM

Course Title: Present and Future Shade Selection Techniques
Course Content:

Step by step process for accurate selection of tooth color
Course Instructor: Keith Crittenden
Educational Objective: The dentist will know how to more accurately match the natural dentition with restorative applications.
Teaching Methods: Slide Presentation
Fees: $25 for United Dental Study Club Members…$55 for Non-Members
Registration: Members are Pre-Registered for each meeting and will assume a course fee by attendance. Non Members must register here or call 708 367-1207
Program Provider: United Dental Resources … Keith Crittenden 708 367-1207
Continuing Education Credits: 2
Refunds & Cancellations: Refunds are available with 48-hour notice of cancellation.

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